Angel Tree

Once again, this year a small tree was decorated in the Sanctuary with white angles. Each angel identified a need of a child with a toy or clothing items. The children are the little ones of people who would be incarcerated for Christmas. There was a very good chance the gifts the church supplied were the only gifts under the tree for those children.

This ministry demonstrated four things; 1) The children were loved and not forgotten, 2) The incarcerated parent knew their child would get a Christmas gift, in spite of their mistakes. This let them know they, too, were not forgotten and their children matter to others. 3) That not only do we care about the parent and the child, the love of Christ supplied these gifts for the children. 4) We know that the 24 kids in 14 families did not have a Christmas with nothing to open.

Charla, LeAnn, and LuAnn gathered the presents from the church and made sure they arrived at the house of the child.