Buddy Bags

As in years past, in cooperation with folks from the Catholic church, we have filled Buddy Bags. On the evening preceding the last day of school for the week (generally Thursday) this group gathers at 6:00 to fill sacks with food for children at the elementary school. The items in the sack are nutritious items that are meant to feed the child for the days until school gathers again. For most of these children the items in the sack are the only food they may have until they walk back into the school.

The church has been blessed in the past to receive a generous grant from International Paper, Newport Mill that covers the costs of the food. A list of needed items is developed by Carol Milligan who generally places the order with Sam’s. Mark Spelbring makes the trip to Terre Haute to pick up the food and carries it into the church. The packing group gathers, fills the sacks, and places them in large canvas shopping bags identified with each teacher’s name and grade level. Alex transports the bags to the school. The teachers then take the sacks out of the canvas bags and place them in the backpacks of the needy children. (This is done by the teachers so no child is embarrassed or teased about needing to receive the food.)

The number of hungry children needing food continues to grow and ranges between 80 and 90 sacks filled each week at the elementary school we serve. There is a blessing in knowing these children do not go to bed hungry on the weekends.