Over the past couple of years, we know that church attendance and church awareness has floundered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to that situation, there have been months we have spent without in-church activities, including Worship, Bible Study, and many of our ministries. When we reopened, some felt safe to come back to church. Yet, some still had apprehensions about gathering with crowds. Both of those stances are fine. Some have other physical issues that are preventing attendance at weekly worship services. There are some who are no longer in the area and still want to be connected with the church. So many have not been able to keep up with everything that has been happening in our service to Christ, our fellowship with one another, and ministry to those outside our doors.

Also, as we think of all the ministries that have occurred through God’s work in this congregation over the past 200 years it is good to recognize and celebrate what God is doing today in our congregation.

Due to these facts, I have decided to put together the information in this report so you will be aware the Spirit is active within our congregation and of all that God is doing here at our church. I ask that you take the time to read this report so you are informed and so that you may inform others of the overwhelming evidence of God’s grace here.

Pastor Jon