Praise Team

Rusty Akers, Kathy Allison, Carol Keller, Alex Milligan, Carol Milligan, Randy Randall, and Elaine Waltz make up our Praise Team for Sunday Morning Worship Service. We all enjoy using our voices to praise our Lord and it is always a blessing to add the congregation with their voices.

The Praise Team leads fun music at the Christmas Dinner. We meet 4 times a year to plan for 3-month increments. Pastor Jon and Gale join us to help in the selections. Gale is such as asset as she has memorized songs with page numbers. We do follow the Lectionary of the United Methodist Church and choose songs that go along with the scripture and message topics. We usually spend 4-5 hours choosing congregational songs and deciding on special music by the Praise Team. We have been trying to add some duets and solos as part of our service.

We always welcome anyone to join us in selecting songs, so if you have a heart for music, let a member of the Praise Team know and we will include you in the next planning session.